Event Management

We facilitate events that are carried out offline or hybrid in a professional and structured manner, including:
Human Resources
Facilitate all the human resources through our experience in establishing an event, Toffee Events could facilitate some experts and professionals according to their job; such as liaison officer, customer service, technical team, documentation, as well as production team.
Facilitate every tools that are used to support the event. Toffee Events also facilitate on deciding the place, recording studio, design, content, and platform on running the application and any other demands that could be used during the event.
Technical and Conceptual
Accommodate every technical and conceptual activity. A well-prepared concept and good execution will indeed make a successful event. In realizing that is the case, we always give creative and innovative ideas.
As the technology advanced and developed, events that were originally always carried out conventionally, such as having a place, requiring many people, and involving many parties nowadays are not relatively relevant as the trend has shifted to become a virtual event. Despite the shifted trend, a face-to-face experience and participation including the atmosphere are not inferior to offline events in general. Here are several benefits of having virtual events:
Minimize costs
Toffee Events as an event organizer, we always keep up with the trend and situation, as we facilitate the virtual event, the cost is much more affordable, because that reduces the cost of renting a place, fewer human resources, minimizes accommodation and transportation.
Can be accessed anywhere
Because it only requires an internet connection and is not limited by space and time, Creating virtual events is perfect for events that have significant time zone differences or remote locations.
New experience
Participants who attend will indeed feel the atmosphere identical to offline events. Toffee Events also work with various platforms such as virtual exhibitions, video conferencing, and video meetings to provide an unforgettable event experience.
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