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The Digital Marketing Associate (DMA) program will prepare you to become a complete digital marketer. One of the world’s fastest-growing disciplines, this Digital Marketing certification course will increase your job market value and enable you to handle end-to-end marketing campaigns.

Key Features :

    50+ hours of live online classes
        40+ hours of e-learning content with Lifetime access to self-paced learning*

    Walk-through of 35+ Tools

        Covers popular tools such as Feng-GUI, SEMrush, Buffer and Mailchimp

    Aligned to globally-renowned certifications

        Prepares you for OMCA, Google Ads, Facebook, Hootsuite, Hubspot exams

    Capstone and Real-life Projects

        Providing hands-on industry training on popular Ad Platforms

What you will get :


  • Course 1
    • Digital Marketing 101
  • Course 2
    • Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and Digital Analytics
  • Course 3
    • Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy
  • Course 4
    • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Trainin
  • Course 5
    • Digital Marketing Capstone
  • Master's Certificate
    • You will get individual certificates for each course.
  • Syllabus File (Ask for more)
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